Run It Twice

Run It Twice allows the All-in players to see the remaining cards twice, instead of once. For this particular option the pot is divided into two halves, the first one for the first set of cards and the other one for the second set. This feature is available only at the cash tables and stakes that there should be a mutual agreement between the all-in players to opt for it and also can be applied on the preflop, the flop or the turn.

There are 2 implementations of Run It Twice

The first one is when the remaining cards are copied to a new deck which is dealt to the second board. This allows to avoid some limitations, yet it is not a popular variant.

Whereas, in our system the second more popular implementation is used when both the boards are dealt from the same deck.

Moreover, in our system the Run It Twice feature is implemented so that all the players at the poker tables, with the enabled Run It Twice feature are automatically agreeing to participate in such situations (in hands with the second board). In other words, if the players sit at a Run It Twice table, they are not asked if it is necessary to activate the second board or not (as in other poker rooms). So the players do not have to make preliminary settings.

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