Texas Hold'em

Both Omaha and Texas are good variants to play, and it is possible to make decent money at both. Hold’em is the most popular and the easiest of the two to learn. In Texas Holdem, each player is dealt two cards. In Hold’em we can use both, one, or none of our cards in order to make a hand.


Rake Structure in Texas Hold'em

Rake is a fee collected from hands according to the rake chart.

What is considered as Rake hand?

A hand in which rake was taking out from the pot is considered as a rake hand. A player is considered to play a rake hand if a hand has generated at least 0.01 in rake for that player when cards were dealt.

When Rake is calculating?

  • If the pot size is more than or equal to preset one for Texas Hold'em and number of players.

Example. Several players made Blind. One made Raise. If remaining players fold the cards, the player who made bet gets the whole amount without deducting the rake, even the amount is more than or equal to the amount from which rake is taken.

How to calculate Rake in Texas Hold'em?

Table 1. Rake calculation for No-Limit & Pot-Limit

Limit Number of players Pot size Maximum Rake
Up to 0.5/1 Any .05 for 1 3
Up to 5/10 Any .05 for 1 4
5/10 & above Any .05 for 1 5


Table 2. Rake calculation for Limit games

Limit Number of players Pot size Maximum Rake
Up to 1/2 Any .05 for 1 1
2/4 & 5/10 Any .50 for 10 2
10/20 & above Any .50 for 20 5


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