Video Hand History

One of a kind feature available right in the bang of your poker card room to tell you how you played, for you to shout in ecstasy or fume, our Video hand history tells you the odds you faced while you play.

Allow us to explain. A hand history is a record of the action in an online poker hand. It has various uses. For the players, it provides a good reference for future games, especially when you run into a player you have played before. Referring to on hand history records could provide you with some interesting patterns as to the other players betting habits.

You can even use it to study your own playing style just after a game; this would help you improve by seeing where you went wrong or could have done better. With, you get another feature called the video hand history. Here, you can see the action exactly as it played out. It's like watching the action replay of a cracking shot to the boundary; or a very soft dismissal while you are playing your hand. For our own purpose, we maintain these records for a variety of reasons. Hand history records help us in keeping a track of player activity, both for the purpose of detecting any unfair practices such as collusion, as well as for random requirements that may arise. Let's say we have to reward twenty players who have won with pocket Aces over the course of the past month. Hand history records would then help is sort out all the genuine claims.

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