Someone who plays poker in India can go all-in at any point in the game, even in the first hand itself! There are no set of rules regarding when or where to go all-in, but sometimes are much better than others. Of course, there are specific situations which might prompt a player to make this risky maneuver.


The golden rule when you play online poker in India is to get all of your money in the pot with your best hand. If an opportunity arises to put all of your money in the pot and you are confident that you have the best hand, then do it. When it comes to protecting a powerful hand, there exists no better way than raising the pot with all the money you have right in front of you.


By doing so, you are forcing other competitors to pay for their draws. If someone wants to draw out on you, then they will pay for it. At the end of the day, high risk yields high reward.

An out is defined as an unseen card that, if drawn, will improve the player’s hand to one that is likely to win.


Knowing the number of outs a player has is a crucial part of poker strategy.  The reason why this is a good move is because by betting all of your chips you have a very good chance to claim this pot. Here, you have a great chance that nobody will call your bet, and if nobody calls your bet then you win that pot.  

However, if someone does call you, then you know you have many outs that still give you a good chance to win a pot. Additionally, there is also the big bluff all-in bet which is quite popular in a card game like poker, but it is not the greatest time to go all-in. If it feels right then go for it. 


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