Poker Skills that separate sharks from fish!

Being Able to make decisions based on several variables. High level thinking. Great players are able to ask themselves questions relevant to the situation such as:


1) Is this a cash game or tournament?

2) What is you stack size?

3) What is your opponent’s table image

?4) What is your table image?

5) What is your opponent’s stack size?

6) What was the pre-flop action like?

7) What is the board texture like?

8) What position are you in?

9) How many players are in the hand?

10) What is my hand range based on the above factors?

11) What is my opponent's hand range based on the above factors?

12) What is the compounding effect if i make this call?

13) Am I prepared to call the turn and river as well?


Poker players have an arsenal of weapons that they can use to exploit opponents and they know why they are making these moves in certain situations:


1) Squeeze playing

2) 3-betting light

3) Floating

4) Timed bluffs

5) Representing a made hand with a value bet (hero has a horrible hand)

6) Representing a bluff with an all-in bet (hero has a great hand)

7) Exploiting betting patterns

8) Being able to read tells

9) Playing the player

10) Checking to aggressive players to extract chips

11) Betting out to tight players

12) Being aware of board textures

13) Isolating players by raising 


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