Some hands can definitely surprise you. Seemingly small hands like small pairs and aces could turn into major hands, so be prepared to play them. But if the flop doesn’t bring anything useful, you better gold. Remember this tip when you play poker in India.


Big pairs (aces, kings, queens) are your ally. Adopt an aggressive approach and raise enough to double the pot. Either people will fold and you’ll grab the pot, or they will unknowingly raise you with a weaker hand.


If you get flopped a big hand, act on it. Plenty of your opponents will call you with a top pair. So if you have a two pair and a high kicker, don’t delay your move. If you check, and your opponent bets, then raise high or move all-in.


They’ll likely fold and give you a nice pot or, call, even though they’ve only got a one in three chance of winning the pot. Making the most out of an opportunity is crucial when you play online poker in India.


Oftentimes you will come across players paying the bare minimum before the flop and trying to steal the pot with meagre bets. If you have a strong hand, then raise. If your hand is so-so, then call. Usually, your opponents are bluffing, and you will come out on top.

When the game is down to a showdown, you will need to crank things up again, raising until your adversary has nowhere left to run. More often than not they won’t have a hand, and if your stack is large enough, then that is all you need. If you’re the individual being chased, a hefty re-raise should stop them in their tracks. Pitted against one player, a top pair could be all you require, so don’t wait and go for glory! Seasoned poker players exhibit aggression when they play online poker in India. 


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