For IOS Users
To download the updated MadOverPoker mobile app on your IOS phone, follow below steps:
Step 1: Click “Download” button
Step 2: Click “Install”. MOP App will be installed in few seconds in your device.
Step 3: After clicking the installed app, the below message will be shpwn. Kindly ignore the same and proceed to Settings in your Iphone.
Step 3: Go to "General" in "Settings"
Step 4: Scroll down and click on “Device Management”
Step 5: Now click on "LOVERENSOFTECH Technologies Private Limited"
Step 6: Click on "Trust"
Step 7: Now you are ready to Login/Create Id on your updated IoS app.

We strive to continually improve the quality of provided services, therefore we ask you to forward your suggestions to on improving the Android/IOS client of Mad Over Poker.

Our team will carefully consider all recomendations and find solutions to implement it in following updates.

Don't put off your poker career for later. Play the mobile application Mad Over Poker anywhere.



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