What is "October Fest" ?

October just got better!

After the success of Daily Hands Race, we bring to you yet another crazy cash game challenge, now across four different stakes. 
October Fest is a combination of daily hands Race leaderboard challenge across four stakes i.e 2/4, 5/10, 10/20 and 25/50 + Unlimited Gadget giveaways + Luck Box leaderboard* worth 75K GTD!

This unique program aims to provide an opportunity to players across different stakes to scale up their game by competing for the daily hands leaderboard, unlimited gadgets and Luckbox madometers giveaways!
LuckBox Madometer - This unique promotion will reward players for their hand strengths across the duration of this program. 

What is the duration of the Challenge?

October Fest will run from 16th Oct 00:00 AM to 4th Nov 23:59 PM

How to register for the program?

Anyone who plays the 2/4,  5/10, 10/20 & 25/50, stakes on MadOverPoker between 16th Oct 00:00 AM to 4th Nov 23:59 PM will automatically be registered for the leaderboard.

What about "October Fest" Leaderboards?

October Fest Leaderboard is a Daily Hands race where players need to play maxiumum number of hands in a day to avail the daily LB prizes across 4 stakes during the specified duration.
Minimum 150 raked hands must be generated by the player in order to be eligible for the Daily leaderboard prises.
Here 1 LBP is equal to 1 Raked hand    

The total prize pool for October Fest Madometer is worth INR 3.3L distributed across four categories of stakes. 
Players can play across all stakes and compete for all leaderboards.


LuckBox Madometer

A unique leaderboard that will reward the player just for getting good hands! Every player is eligible for this program. 

There will be two leaderboards (Madometers) one for NLHE and other for PLO across all 4 stakes.

We have assigned points based on the hands strength as shown below:

Luck Box Combination Points System
Combination LBP for WIn LBP for Loss LBP for Fold
KK 1 1 1
AA 2 2 2
Two Pair 3 3 3
Three of a kind 4 4 4
Straight 5 5 5
   Flush 6 6 6
Full House 7 7 7
Four of a Kind 8 8 8
Straight Flush 9 9 9
Royal Flush 10 - 10
Combination must consist of 5 cards

LBP will be multuiplied based on the stake played below:

Stake LBP Multiplier
Upto 2/4 1
5/10 1.5
10/20 2
25/50 3

 Calculation: LBP = (Points as per hands strength)*(Multiplier based on the stakes)

Note: Combinations must include both the hole cards.

Two winners from each format will be rewarded at the end of the program. 30K for 1st place and 20K for 2nd place PLO and 15K  first place and 10K for second place for NLHE!

Unlimited Gadgets Giveaways

We bring to you a chance to win exciting gadgets simply by playing on MadOverPoker. 

Generate 400 MOP Elite points between this 20 day period and exchange them for ticket to Rehab

Generate 2500 MOP Elite points between this 20 day period and exchange them forall new "Alexa Echo Plus"
Generate 7000 MOP Elite points between the period and exchange them for all new "Sony PlayStation PS4"

Generate 7500 MOP Elite points between this 20 day period and exchange them forall all three rewards.
VIP Milestone Prize
400 Rehab Ticket
2500 Alexa Echo Plus
7000 Play Station 4
7500 All 
Any player reaching the said elite points are eligible for the gadgets. In short, unlimited gadgets to be won this October on MadOverPoker!

NOTE: Gadgets will be mailed to the winners after 10 days from the close date of program.


No restrictions on cash outs. Cashouts will be done as usual.

General T&Cs

Players can play any game type (NLHE or PLO)

MOP Elite points for this program cannot be encashed for cash. Only gadgets.
This offer can't be clubbed with other offers   
Participants agree to not indulge in malpractices or fraudulent activities like collusion, soft play, chip dumping, ghosting, multi-accounting or any other recognized form of fraud.
Any misuse of funds or indulgence in fraudulent activities as listed above will result in the account being locked and their funds frozen.
TDS, if applicable, will be deducted at source at the time of withdrawal.
MOP reserves all rights to modify or end the promotion at any time without any prior notice to the players.
MOP reserves all rights to make a final and binding decision in case of any conflicts arising in this promotion.
All participants agree to provide images, audio, interviews etc as required by our marketing team for promotional activities
By taking part in this Promotion you agree to all our terms and conditions.



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