A Hitman knows when to pull the trigger!

Add an extra edge to your game with our Indian Bounty Championship. At these tables the stakes go up and the competition is fiercer than ever. Every player on the table has a bounty on their head, giving you a chance to win some EXTRA cash as you play.

If you aren’t playing IBC, you’re seriously missing out. Knockouts are both fun and the biggest value format on the internet these days.

How will IBC work?

When you knock a player out in the Indian Bounty Championship, you win 50% of the current bounty on that players head, plus 50% is added to the bounty on your head. As you eliminate more players, the bounty on your head increases (For instance: from a 825 buy-in, 500 is added to GTD prizepool and 275 is your starting bounty, with 50 as tournament fee)

From the bounty amount, 50% will appear on screen as cash bonus which will be won upon elimination and the rest 50% will be added to the eliminators’ head. In simple words, ‘50% cash prize and 50% active bounty’ on every knockout

Moreover, we’ve created a bounty leader board in which players will be ranked on the number of players they’ve eliminated. Top scorers can win from a combined leader-board prize of 2L.

How to check the current bounty on another player?

Hover over to the player to see a payout split you’ll receive if you knock them out.

IBC Schedule 


IBC Leaderboard

The series is a first of its kind in India as it is themed purely on Bounty events. Leaderboard is differentiated from a traditional leaderboard as it is based on Max Players eliminated during the series. Leaderboard payouts are in real money.


IBC Codes-

IBCD1 - Deposit 8K and get free tickets to all Day 1 events(IBC#1, IBC#2, IBC#3)

IBCD2 - Deposit 12K and get free tickets to all Day 2 events (IBC#4, IBC#5, IBC#6)

IBCD3 - Deposit 15K and get free tickets to all Day 3 events.(IBC#7, IBC#8)
IBCALL - Deposit 25K and get free tickets for all IBC events.

Withdrawal Criteria - 5% of the deposited amount as MOP Elite points.


Ongoing Promotions
Payments Accepted
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