We are introducing a Monthly Tournament Leaderboard of 3 Lakhs for the daily featured tournaments.

Duration of Leaderboard : Monthly for 30 days

Prize Details: Leaderboard prize money of 3 Lakhs. 
Tournaments that are part of the leadetboard:

1) Daily Nightcrawler - 50K GTD
2) Recovery - 1L GTD
3) Daily Payoffs
4) Sunday Grind tournaments (Dynamite & Grenade) 
5) Afternoon Chill - 10K GTD
6) Rehab - 5L GTD
7) Bolt - 15K GTD
8) Hysteria - 10 Lakh GTD

The formula of LBP calculation for the players who get prize

LBP = ([Participants] / [Place]) * (1 + ln(1 + [Contribution])),


  • [Participants] – the number of participants of a tournament;
  • [Place] – the place (for which a prize is paid out) taken by a player in a tournament;
  • [Contribution] – average contribution of players to a tournament/s'n'g.
    It is calculated as ([Total_buyins] + [Total_rebuys] + [Total_addons] + [Total_knockout_bounty]) / [Participants],
    • [Total_buyins] – total amount of buy-ins paid by all players of a tournament. Fee is not included in this amount;
    • [Total_rebuys] – total amount of all re-buys paid by all players of a tournament;
    • [Total_addons] – total amount of all add-ons paid by all players of a tournament;
    • [Total_knockout_bounty] – total amount of all knockout bounties paid by all players of a tournament;


Terms & Conditions:

1) All leaderboard payouts are in Bonus Money
2) Incase of staked tickets, the LBP will be calculated by the investment made by the player to investment made by the company
3) MadOverPoker general T&Cs apply.


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